en route

en route
[[t]ɒ̱n ru͟ːt[/t]]
see route

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  • Route 158 (Prince Edward Island) — Route 158, officially named Harper Road, and sometimes referred to sectionally as Leoville Road (see below), is a 2 lane collector highway in western Prince County, Prince Edward Island, Canada. It is located 0 mdash;4 miles SW of the community… …   Wikipedia

  • Route 2, Melbourne — Route 2, or the Yarra Scenic Drive is one of Melbourne s few metropolitan transport routes which is not designed as a convenient route, but a tourist drive following the Yarra River as closely as possible. The route traverses approximately 60km… …   Wikipedia

  • Route 1 (Shuto Expressway) — Route 1 is one of the radial routes of the Shuto Expressway system in the Tokyo area. Route 1 has two segments: a northern segment (known as the Ueno Route) connecting Chūō ku to Taito ku via Ueno; and a southern segment (known as the Haneda… …   Wikipedia

  • Route 62 (South Africa) — Route 62 is a major roadway in the Western Cape, South Africa. The route Route 62 is a tourist route that meanders between Cape Town, Oudtshoorn, the Garden Route, and Port Elizabeth, offering the shorter, scenic alternative to the N2 highway.… …   Wikipedia

  • Route poisoning — is a way to prevent routing loops. Distance vector routing protocols in computer networks use route poisoning to indicate to other routers that a route is no longer reachable and should be removed from their routing tables. A variation of route… …   Wikipedia

  • Route planning software — is a computer software programme, designed to plan a route between two geographical locations using a journey planning engine, typically specialised for Road networks as a road route planner. Many online mapping sites offer road route planning as …   Wikipedia

  • Route nationale 7 — Route 7 near Orly Airport in Paris The Route nationale 7, or RN 7, is a trunk road (nationale) in France between Paris and the border with Italy. It was also known as the Route Bleue and sarcastically, during the annual rush to the Mediterranean… …   Wikipedia

  • Route Twisk — (zh tspcy|t=荃錦公路|s=荃锦公路|p=Quánjǐn gōnglù|cy=chyun4 gam2 gung1 lou6) is a dual lane suburban road in Hong Kong, linking Tsuen Wan and Pat Heung via Shek Kong. It joins Kam Tin Road and Lam Kam Road north in Kam Tin, and ends in the Tsuen Kam… …   Wikipedia

  • Route assignment — Route assignment, route choice, or traffic assignment concerns the selection of routes (alternative called paths) between origins and destinations in transportation networks. It is the fourth step in the conventional transportation forecasting… …   Wikipedia

  • Route 66 — may refer to: * U.S. Route 66, the decommissioned highway in the US * Various other highways ( see List of highways numbered 66 ) * Route 66 (song), also known as (Get Your Kicks on) Route 66 * Route 66 (TV series), a 1960s television program *… …   Wikipedia

  • Route Availability — is a system devised by the London and North Eastern Railway, and perpetuated by British Rail to ascertain which locomotives can work on which lines throughout the rail network in the United Kingdom. The system uses numbers from 1 to 10 and a… …   Wikipedia

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